360 Degrees of Lip Service

We locked up this little local spot for the day, and had one of our finest shows ever! The women were out in full force to try this smorgasbord of all kinds of cock! Emerge, Phoenix, Johnny, Champ and Sebastian are all here but the ladies stole this show with their dick sucking skills. I could barely keep my camera steady, I was running all over the place trying to capture all the action!!!

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What good is style when you make us want to kill ourselves? There is no ‘I’ in team, but if there were, there would be a Tim and a Tam and have you had a Tim Tam? Make clothes that flatter us, make us feel good about ourselves.


SellYourGF – Alice – Watch Me Fuck and Tease Me!

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Alaina’s Fiesta

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Alaina’s Fiesta

It’s a beautiful thing to see women celebrate their birthdays with the Dancing Bears I mean really…what better way to do it. Today we have Alaina celebrating her birthday with us and let me tell you the girl’s are having too much fun especially the birthday girl who gets dicked down by the Dancing Bear himself! Anyway guys you already the guys put on a killer show and the girls turn into dick craving beings and you know how crazy it gets. Take a seat sit back relax and enjoy the show. See you guys on the next one!

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I’m reminded of an old saying I heard years ago that is beginning to make more and more sense as time passes.

配信日: 2014年07月23日 再生時間: 01:01:43
名前: 川下 茜
年齢: 38歳
サイズ: B:84 W:66 H:88
カテゴリー: 30代 おもちゃ 素人

pacopacomama 072314 211 AV面接にやってきたお固そうな人妻 川下 茜 pacopacomama pacopacomama 072314 211 AV面接にやってきたお固そうな人妻 川下 茜 pacopacomama

He will maybe serve 12 years for the entire crime, and then he will be released into another neighborhood with children? He will serve 20 years for each murder and serve the time concurently.


Birthday Party with Strippers

It’s a beautiful thing to see women celebrate their birthdays with the Dancing Bears again and again really what better way to do it girls.. You have handsome men with huge cocks dancing around, you can touch them all you want suck on them them and even if you’re lucky you might get to fuck one too! Taylor should know it’s her birthday and frankly although extremely cute and I would love to fuck her tight little pussy, she is hogging up the whole gang I mean isn’t that a bit rude? To your guest? She sucks on every dick that walks pass but we don’t, mind at all cause she sure knows how to suck on a dick UH UMMMM!!!! Anyway guys I know you’ll love this…ENJOY!!!!

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Volcker Rule is a new regulation that aims to curb risky behavior at banks that have enjoyed bailouts and cheap funding from the Fed.

Asshole Fever – Bianca Pearl (HD) 720p 2014

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Foster, Wayne Besen and I agree are grotesque, awful things.

Starring: Katerina
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Release date: July 23, 2014

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Healthcare Foundation has also lobbied Los Angeles city and county officials to issue film permits only to adult productions that use condoms.


Good homeowners will be cheated out of any equity they have in their homes and bad homeowners get cash and a smaller mortgage.


Capri Cavanni – Gymnast Tits

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GOP know that in the general election know how the media would completely destroy him in the general election with all his personal sleazebag past and fanny mae and other political corruption.

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Steve Coogan but he works well in A Cock and Bull Story along with Rob Brydon.